How will we meet?

Since 2020 many students are familiar with studying online. Learning online can have many advantages, depending on how you prefer to learn, what environments work best for you, and your access to technology. I have significant experience working online and offer tutoring via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Online sessions

A significant advantage of online tutoring is we can meet and discuss your work with you working from the comfort of your own home. Online tutoring reduces travel time for both you and I, as well as opening up a greater flexibility of possible times for sessions. In a COVID-19 environment it also removes the need for you to have someone visiting your home. Tutoring this way can involve either:

    • a full 1-hour session online, or
    • a shorter online session with you sending me relevant draft assignments before we meet, which means I can look at it in advance and provide you with more detailed feedback.
In-person tutoring

For some of us, meeting in person is the best way to learn. If circumstances permit, I am able to offer in-person tutoring. We can meet: